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Why GDS Web Design?

Unique designs and layouts, clean and easy to navigate websites designed for your customers needs. A friendly and affordable service. We’ll make sure your website not only looks good, but also works well, and gets results.

Who we work with

We enjoy working with start-up businesses, getting existing businesses online for the first time and also redesigning and updating websites for our clients. Talk to us about your business and we’ll discuss with you how we can help.

What we do

Our web design skills range from simple brochure style websites to fully customised e-commerce stores. Every website we design is tailored exactly to your needs; we want to know you and your business; only this way can we develop you the website you need.

Why we do what we do.

We believe your website should give your customers what they need simply and quickly. Your website should reflect your business and its core values; it should stimulate and engage your existing customers whilst attracting new ones.

From The Blog...

WordPress and Word Processors.

Where Where do inline styles come from? When redesigning websites one of the problems I have to deal with is how to handle importing old content that has inline styles embedded. A lot of the culprits are webpages that were originally written using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. These programs make it easy to play around with font sizes, text colours etc. Whilst fine for printing, using these...
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Equal sized navigation menu with jQuery in WordPress.

A couple of recent WordPress websites we built called for having the menu items equally spaced out across the whole width of the containing div. Working in percentages it's pretty easy to work of course. Our containing div is 100%, so just a count of our menu items, in this case 5, 100/5 = 20, so each menu item is 20%. So the CSS would look like this; Of course...
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Easy Pull Quotes using CSS & JQuery.

Everyone now understands the importance of having engaging, relevant content on their websites, and with more content the need to give more attention to typography becomes apparent. Pull-quotes are heavily used in traditional publishing but their use on the web is still pretty rare. Pull-quotes are key phrases, quotes or excerpts that are "pulled" from the main content,...
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Dynamic Excerpt Lengths in WordPress.

Excerpts are used in loads of places in WordPress themes, and adjusting the lengths of them is very easy using the functions already built into WordPress. However there's one styling aspect that troubles me when using excerpts across multiple columns. The Problem. When the post titles used in your excerpts are all a common length then you don't see this problem, but in the...
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